• 32 pages, 22.5x16.5 cm, 210 gr



The collection Les Guides à pattes is the ideal companion for children exploring Switzerland's heritage. The main archaeological sites as well as their museum are presented in educational and fun books.
In this volume, the first of a series dedicated to the Middle Ages, Clotile and Maximus, two strong-minded chickens, take you on a tour of Genava (Geneva) during the Burgundian period. The Burgundians, transferred to the city by the Romans in order to protect the Rhone Valley of barbarian invasions, will play an important role in the history of the region and settle in with the local population. Genava will even become the capital of their Kingdom for a time!
The two accomplices, Clotilde and Maximus, offer young readers an exciting program: exploration of the city and its quarters, discovery of Burgundian coins, games and illustrated maps, and of course a tour of the cathedrals. Indeed, Genava was not only a bustling town and a good place to live, but also an important religious centre.
With a devout cockerel and a cheeky hen, prepare yourself for some unexpected events during your visit!

In collaboration with AvAnt Ge and the Archaeological Site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral, Geneva.